Friday, March 20, 2009

If the California Supreme Court decides to uphold Prop. 8

2009 - 2010
Plan of Action

April-May 2009

California State Supreme Court hands down its decision. It is believed that this decision will uphold Proposition 8. If this is in fact the case, there will be various demonstrations and rallies statewide similar to those following the Nov. 4 election results in 2008. The LGBT community in California will then work towards a referendum initiative on the November 2010 ballot to legalize same gender marriage in California.

June - August 2009

Mobilize and train to gather signatures for the 2010 ballot initiative. This will be the first time since the early 1980’s when a referendum initiative was put onto the ballot by an all-volunteer signature gathering effort.

September 2009 - February 2010

Gather over one million signatures from California state residents to include a referendum initiative on the November 2010 ballot, which will make legal same gender marriage in California.

March 2010

Qualify with the California Elections Commission for the above-mentioned initiative.

April - October 2010

We will campaign for the ballot initiative, which will end legalized marriage discrimination in California and provide for full civil rights to same gender couples in our state.

2 November 2010

Election Day

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Leonard said...

Go Padre Go! Wish I were there to help! My friends at The Episcopal Church can be counted on for sure (even in San Joaquin)...speaking of which, I hope you´ll be a Priest at The Episcopal Church should you find a change welcoming.

Bishop Bruno in Los Angeles otta be really happy to receive you!

Enough, off to bed.

Leonardo Ricardo
Central America

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


Gender neutral marriage is a now a reality in Sweden from May 1st.

261 Ayes, 22 Nays, 16 abstentions.