Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why was a college student in the car of drunken Archbishop-elect Cordileone at 12:26 AM, when Cordileone was arrested for a DUI?

Listen very carefully to the announcer of a local San Diego news station:

“According to police, 56 year old bishop Salvatore Cordileon was driving along the edge of SDSU when he entered a sobriety checkpoint he appeared drunk and was arrested shortly after midnight. He was in the car with his elderly mother and a foreign exchange student, a young male adult.”

If San Francisco Archbishop-elect Cordileone were just the simple priest that he claimed to be to at his arrest, his superior would have demanded explanations.

What were you doing driving drunk?

What was a college student doing in your passenger seat at that time of night?

After you dropped off your mother, where did you intend to go, and what were you going to do when you arrived?

Have you ever spent time with, or socialized, with this young man prior to your arrest? If so in what context and what is the nature of your relationship?

The matter would be brought to the attention of the bishop, and it would most probably affect his career and, of course, it would be handled discreetly.

The fact that Cordileone’s mother was present in the car with Cordileone and the young student would not clear the concerns or suspicions from the mind of a superior. Consider the statements of the police:

“Cordileone's mother, who was a passenger, was allowed to drive the mid-size black car home following her son's arrest after officers made sure she had not been drinking and had a valid license, McCullough [the arresting police officer] said.”


"He was a driver that was obviously impaired,” Officer Mark McCullough also stated.

These two statements from police clearly indicate that Cordileone’s mother was sober and capable of driving the car that night. The second statement by officer McCullogugh that “he [Cordileone] was…obviously impaired” raises some serious questions about both the judgment and the laxity of Cordileone’s mother, with respect to her son. She can’t tell, or is unwilling to protest, that he is obviously drunk and poses a threat to human life behind the wheel of an automobile. How objective and outspoken would she be about a possible inappropriate relationship with a young student?

A superior/pastor/bishop would ask all of these questions of Salvatore Cordileone and so, it surprises me that the press does not. Then again, the Catholic hierarchy has much experience in managing the press. This is not a story they want pursued, it would be highly inconvenient in an election year. Especially on the same week that the head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), New York Archbishop cardinal Dolan blesses the Republican National Convention and Mitt Romney’s bid to replace Obama as President. If Romney wins, the USCCB’s social conservativism will become national policy and this increases both USCCB [Vatican] power and prestige.

Cordileone is not a simple priest. He is:

“Known as "the architect of Proposition 8," the 56-year-old played a pivotal role in convincing many Catholic organizations in California to help bankroll the 2008 campaign to overturn the state's same-sex marriage law. With his help, Prop 8 supporters raised some $1.5 million, which went a long way toward helping get the measure passed.”

That is why Benedict XVI promoted him to put a lid on gay San Francisco and use that position to influence politicians to deny LGBT Civil Rights. In this election cycle the bishops define morality as being about sex, specifically controlling women and LGBT people. Archbishop-elect Cordileone’s arrest on a DUI can be handled; the fact that a young male student was a passenger in the drunken bishop’s car is a monstrous embarrassment to the USCCB’s agenda. It could have far reaching negative political consequences for Benedict’s plan to stop Marriage Equality in the USA.

Post Script

What can we do now?

1. Determine the identity of the young male student who was a passenger in Cordileone’s car on the night of his arrest.

2. Interview that young male student and publish his story.


Bruce said...

You preach much more convincingly than did the Archpissedoff when he said he prayed that God would somehow turn this to good. The best good would be for his self-loathing for being a closeted exploiter of young men to be revealed before he is granted any greater protection from the cabal that is the Catholic hierarchy.

Michael Bedwell said...

Words matter. News stories that have labeled Cordileone "the architect" or "the father" of Prop H8TE are simply poor reporting. While he DID play a huge role in helping get it on the ballot and pass, the person even more responsible for its success was the man he's replacing as Archbiship of San Francisco, George Niederauer, ,exploiting the relationships he developed when he was Bishop of Salt Lake City, personally invited Mormon Church hierarchy to aggressively join Catholics in torpedoing marriage equality in CA. They've said they would not have been as involved had he not personally approached them. So San Francisco is just getting more of the same after Niederauer's retirement. For those how haven't seen in, link below is to the pathetic interview with Cordileone's little old Mother in which she blames himself for his intoxication....then mentions she's worried about his new job because "the gays are very active there."

Unknown said...

Right on Geoff. I'll bet Home Boy's got a secret.

colkoch said...

Michael I agree with you about Niederauer. He was the talk of Salt Lake when I lived there for his out reach to Mormons. I wonder why there aren't any questions asked about his shack up situation with Levada since they seem to have kicked Quinn to the curb.

Karma Karma Karma Camelias. Too many Boy Georges for my head.

Tony Adams said...

When will the police report be public? That should be interesting.

David Cary Hart said...

I guess that "nephew" wouldn't work this time. In the 21st century, hese bishops continue to act as if they are still participants in a some parallel European aristocracy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Let's all shimmy shake with Lady Karma's gotcha-jig!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the right-wingers think now. Some of them go on about the Archbishop like he is the second coming.


TeddyPartridge said...

Another take and some discussion: Young Male Foreign Exchange Student in Car with Drunk SF Archbishop-to-Be

Why has this detail been reported in exactly, and only, one place? How rigorously is the Catholic hierarchy managing press on this story?

Father Geoff said...

Dear Teddy,

Your questions are valid. However, some of the most important stories in my lifetime began with only one source. Remember “Deep Throat” from Watergate? Can you imagine how different American history would be if that source had been discounted simply because of its singularity?

The best answer to your question: “How rigorously is the Catholic hierarchy managing press on this story?” Is to look at how they have handled the press on other stories that they did not want to be pursued or publicized. Here is an article in the Los Angeles Legal Examiner that gives a chilling insight into the duplicity and manipulation by Cardinal Rodger Mahony.

vinmor said...

Father Geoff:
I looked for the Los Angeles Legal Examiner you referenced concerning Cardinal Mahony and was informed it could not be found. Perhaps it has been suppressed. Oh well, what is new.

As a gay Roman Catholic priest I have some thoughts on this Sal Cordileone story. In short he was caught with his pants down. In my book he is a closeted gay man that practices under the influence. He is willing to destroy others who remind him of just who he secretly is.

Sal, remember what the Gospel says..."The truth will set you free."

Father Geoff said...

Dear Vinmor,

I just checked the information on the hyperlink and it works. Just copy it and paste it to your task bar.



Anonymous said...

Please note, that there was absolutely no young college student and no foreign exchange student or any other young male adult in the car of the Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Together with his mother there was only "a priest friend visiting from outside the country", who is more than 50 years old. So let's always look for the truth, thanks!

Father Geoff said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment. If you are accurate, then the news affiliate that reported Cordileone “was accompanied by a young male student” violated basic journalistic standards when they made their broadcast.

I have spoken with two journalists who are pursuing the matter. Hopefully, the whole truth will come out as a result.

Frank said...

So the Archbishop elect was drinking AND whoring while driving. I knew Abp. Whoredileone would provide us with plenty of amusement.

DannyEastVillage said...

His mother's his enabler--classic behavior in alcoholic families.