Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Who am I to judge?" pope Francis unmasked.

Please Note: The Prime Mover in passing this hateful law was the Roman Catholic Church. Remember all the LGBT folks fainting when pope Francis said: "Who am I to judge?"

Please understand that his famous "change in tone" was meant to improve PR for the Catholic Church in the West and NOT to help LGBT people. He is not our friend.


Lucrece said...

Everybody forgot conveniently when he was in Argentina prior to becoming a pope and called efforts to legalize same sex marriage as machinations from the father of lies.

He pretty much called gay marriage Satanic, but nobody ever in the media has the nerve to touch the pope. Individual, lowly Catholic priests, maybe even bishops? Sure. But not the monarch with whom you want to keep connections open with.

It's even more disgusting in Latin American media where all you see reported is with deference and praise.

Frank said...

Can it be that many or most Catholics are still influenced by the propaganda of the Dark Ages under John Paul II and Benedict XVI/Ratzinger?

Can it be that we expect Francis to reverse all that overnight?

I am still trying to be hopeful here.

Father Geoff said...

Dear Frank,

I believe it was Henri Belloc who wrote: “Hope is a light diet, but very sustaining.” However, there exists an important distinction between hope and false-hope. The former can be life saving, the latter is at best delusion and at worst life threatening.

In this particular instance, if not always, focus on real world actions and not on words. Substance always trumps rhetoric.

Tal said...

Disappointing, I suppose. On Behalf of the Family, a thinly veiled proxy for the Croatian Bishop's Conference, inaugurated the campaign against marriage equality in May of this year, cleanly within Pope Francis' reign, and just a couple of months before Francis' purportedly magnanimous "who am I to judge." This referendum is on Francis' doorstep alone; not a difficult half-baked outrage from his immediate predecessor. (Importantly, only 37% of the electorate participated in the vote. It may thus be argued that the Church was critical in cowing faithful yet moderate voices, and buoying those same bigoted conservatives who are now working to ban Cyrillic and abuse other vulnerable minorities.)

I certainly didn't expect Francis "to reverse all that overnight." But he most certainly could've told the Croatian Bishop's Conference to shut up and sit down and to leave the Croatian body politic to its own devices. Acts of calculated neutrality can be commendable. And this would've been one, assuming Francis was actually interested in migrating the institutional Church to a new consensus truer to Gospels.

Cardinal Nicolas Rodriguez recently calling gays "faggots" during a national news conference--again without reprimand or apology--I think points to a darker reality. The institutional Church has no regard for us as human beings. It's taken no stand against our prosecution, torture, and state-sanctioned murder. Indeed, whenever confronted with violence done to us, the Church has been at best silent, but more often moral justifier if not active facilitator.

Superficial 'niceness' is not Virtue. Reciting focus group tested phrases is not Preaching the Word. A refined Apostolic pedigree is not Justice.

It appears quite sadly that Pope Francis is nothing but an empty tin pail. A very pretty one to be sure, and well tuned--almost musical as it rattles around. But hardly anything worthy of the fawning praise he's gotten to date.

Xpi said...

Same sex sexual unions are Satanic.