Thursday, January 24, 2013

Until you find the courage to speak the truth, you will never experience freedom or know peace.

The greatest contribution that any LGBT person can make to the cause of justice and equality is to stand up in the light of day and speak their truth clearly.

Reason and truth spoken with courage and persistence will end bigotry in our laws, and will eventually move hearts and minds to full social acceptance.


fatherAidan said...

I have a few heroes in my life-Francis of Assisi, Theresa Martin-Carmelite, Jesus, child of God.

oh, and you too Father Geoff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I hope that gay students in Catholic schools are accepted, welcomed and loved for who they are.

Mark from PA

Father Geoff said...

Dear Mark from PA,

Only we can make that happen, if we demand it, speak for it, fight for it.
Ultimately it will happen because it is just; but how long it takes to happen, depends on our individual and shared courage and resolve.

Tal said...

Hi Fr. Geoff, good post.

I found the reaction of the student body pleasantly surprising. Loud cheering. When I graduated nineteen years ago, I suspect it might have been met with a light smattering of cheers, a good deal of boos, and a heaping load of stony silence (with muttered, unhappy commentary as the prevailing subtext).

The progress our community's made is astounding. Something worth enjoying.