Saturday, November 26, 2011

"LOVE and do what you will." -Saint Augustine


WranglerMan said...


Thank you! What a powerful statement to what love is: caring, selfless, and commitment.

Promotor Fidei said...

my throat started to get tight about half way through, my eyes started to tear up near the end and my body started slightly shaking. in the last seconds of the final scene I started bawling. Only two things have ever made me cry without being able to control the impulse. I wanted to show my roommates, but I knew I couldn't handle watching it again. It's been nine days, and I still haven't been able to watch it again. It shook me so much that I almost decided to come out to my family....but then I remembered why I haven't.

But it also made me depressed and upset, because it reminded me of something that I want more than anything, but probably will never have the strength nor ever be in a position to allow myself to have. Never have I felt such a sense of joyous release and loving rapture, and never has such an overwhelmingly beautiful and positive feeling ever pushed me back into despair. Its so hard to swallow feelings like that and pretend that they don't exist, that I have little strength left for anything else.

Father Geoff said...

Dear Promotor Fidei,

My heart goes out to you dear brother. I vividly recall the feelings you express in your comment. The truth will set you free, love will heal you and make you whole.