Sunday, July 18, 2010

Argentina joins growing list of nations to legalize same sex marriage.

England and Spain had radically differing attitude concerning their colonies. England viewed its colonies as a dumping ground for its social refuse. Prisoners condemned of capital crimes (death penalty) were given a choice between death or transport (to the colonies). Spain insisted on the religious orthodoxy of its colonists in the New World. England was happy to send fanatics who refused to accept the Church of England, to its colonies. In Spain you could purchase books that were considered too risqué or doctrinally questionable in Spain’s colonies. Essentially, Spain was attempting to create a “purified” version of Spain overseas.

Argentina, in particular, enjoyed a reputation for being a stalwart of Catholicism. It was not until the end of the last century that divorce was legalized in Argentina. One day after Bastille Day, 14 July when Louis XVI lost control of France, Benedict XVI lost control over Argentina. Argentina joined Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and many other nations in granting full civil rights to same sex couples.


T said...

Indeed, the list is growing. That's three countries already this year. The total of ten is already double that of 18 months ago. Luxembourg is likely to be number 11 within weeks, and Slovenia could well be number 12 before the year is out: they have already passed the first reading of a marriage bill. Six of those twelve are Catholic countries.

Another, Ireland, has passed civil partnership legislation which is virtually marriage in all but name.
Chile is preparing to do the same. There are also strong indications of a domino effect across Latin America: already On Top magazine has reported that legislators in Paraguay are preparing to start the legislative process.

It is obvious that in many countries a large proportion of Catholics support same sex unions, sometimes precisely because they are Catholics. Where they do not support full marriage, they often do support other unions, or do not see same sex relationships as a moral issue.

Where is there any evidence that the Vatican doctrine on homosexuality has the support of the faithful, the "sensus fidelium"? Without it, the teaching cannot be valid.

matt said...

Italy and any large cosmopolitan Muslim-majority country like Egypt or Turkey top my gay marriage wish list. such expansion of marriage rights would go a long way in softening the current awful religious/secular divide. maybe we'd have a loving, kind church again. god, i long for that.

Sebastian said...

Andrew Greely has written extensively about how Catholics are more body positive and more sex positive than Protestants. We are the people who are most comfortable with the idea of an enfleshed God, and use the stuff of creation - wax, wine, water, bread, voice, body - as essential to our highest worship. It is not surprising that Catholics are on this bandwagon - at least Catholics in the Church from below, not the Church from above.

BobinCT said...

Hi Geoff:

This isn't about same-sex marriage, but relates to a post earlier this year about outing priests. Apparently its happening in Italy with the blessing of Berlusconi.