Friday, April 23, 2010

Catholicism in its greatest crisis since the Protestant Reformation

Several days ago the internationally famous Catholic theologian, Hans Kung wrote a paper in which he stated that the Catholic Church is undergoing its greatest crisis since the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. At the end of this paper, Kung lists various things that bishops and ordinary Catholics can do to make a difference.

In the video (contained in the next jump), Hans Kung explains his work of moving together with other world religions towards the establishment of a common world ethic. He also explains the great contribution of Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council towards a renewal of Catholicism. Catholicism with a greater sensitivity towards women, science and theological freedom, that served and evangelized this age. He goes on to explain how the Roman Curia (the powerful centralized bureaucracy of the Vatican, which serves the pope as a sort of cabinet) has opposed the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. He further explains the role of the late Pope John Paul II and now, Benedict XVI in reversing and undermining the reforms of Vatican II.

The Vatican's response
(please view the video "Hans Kung" on the bottom of the jump) has been to cleverly focus on the tone or "charity" of Kung's statement. Frankly, if you read Kung's statement, you will find the tone both measured and polite. In doing this, they avoid addressing any of Kung's substantive charges and effectively attempt to side step all of the issues which Kung brings up for discussion. All of this as the Cover-Up/Pedophilia Scandal that has touched the pope himself, now spreads beyond the U.S.A. and Europe to engulf Latin America.


Leonard said...

What I keep wondering is why these brilliant men in Roma/beyond, all well educated, missed the class of common sense? It still seems they prefer arrogant denial, hostility and pretend...not much of example or inspiration to God seeking humans who value HONESTY and TRUTH. It´s embarrassing, immoral and PRIDEFILLED religious leadership that depends on the integrity of the FAITHFUL to plow their way through.

Lord have mercy on the innocent

Terence Weldon said...

It is entirely appropriate to compare the current crisis with the Reformation: it may well be that we are currently in the early stages of exactly the same process, a long-awaited second Reformation that will pull the Catholic Church into the modern world, with or without the co-operation of the Vatican.

The curial oligarchy are so isolated they have entirely lost touch with the basic facts of the real world. They should be made to see that we will continue to co-operate with them only as long as they can remember that the essence of the priesthood (of which, after all,they remain a part) is one of service.

If they cannot function in that spirit, the real church, the hundreds of millions of ordinary practising Catholics around the world, will simply ignore them, as they already do on Humanae Vitae.

barbarab said...

I have been bothered by the following story all day. The Vatican, in the midst of the pedaphilia scandal, is investigating sisters in the U.S. (story link below, coutesy of Elizabeth Kaeton at Telling Secrets). Why am I so distressed. Perhaps because as a long lapsed Catholic, it hurts to know there is no hope of ever returning to the church that Bbaptised me.