Monday, June 8, 2009

The David Bender radio show on Air America

I was interviwed by David Bender yesterday for his show Politically Direct on Air America radio.

There are two interviews at this web address. The first is with an author of a book on President Obama and the second is my interview which starts at 79:00- interview is about 34 minutes.

Hear Father Geoff


Rob T. said...

I am so glad you're getting out & talking about you. The more people read & hear about you the more they will see the insane policy of the Catholic Church re gay priests & seminarians.

Anonymous said...

Father Geoff, thanks for your good work and hard fight and speaking up. It takes a lot of courage and and is so appreciated. I'm an active catholic, single, gay male. Often wonder if I should stay in this church, but also feel my presence is what its needed for change. Why are the bishops and hierarchy so hateful of themselves and us? Why are they so comfortable in that role, with that concience? It has NOTHING to do with Jesus and holiness and righteoutness. It's the antithecal of truth. But they're more in to power and control games, aren't they?
God bless you and keep you strong for the fight!!!

Steven said...

Taking part in a telephone interview has got to be one of the harder ways to get points across. I wondered where the first caller was trying to get across as he failed miserably. And then to hear support from fellow Illinoisian callers was promising. What I have liked so far was to be able to identify and remember what you have said about certain issues in previous posts, particularly when the subject of celibacy was broached from the caller from Naperville. It's nice to become "learned" in this subject matter. Thank you, Father Geoff!

Sister Mary Agnes said...

Great work Father. Do Not be afraid.

M@ said...

Thanks you for standing up for justice. I would like to e-mail you and would appreciate if you could send me a message so I have your address.

-Deacon Matthew

Mareczku said...

I listened to you interview Father Geoff. It was very good. I am glad that you are speaking out. Tom from Minneapolis, I hear what you say. I am glad that you are staying and fighting. Your Archbishop could certainly use some humility. He needs to hear from the common folk.

Peace - Mark