Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Father Geoff Farrow Interview Part I


vinmor said...

Fr Geoff:

First the new look is fantastic...and I am so very happy that my fears are not real...that you decided to stop.

This interview is needs to go onto youtube ...

Now that I know you haven't quite...I would like some advise ..I will contact you privately.

Fr Vince

Joe said...

Actually, the gay couple on the cruise ship in Dominica were actually having sex on their balcony. Unfortunately, not only did they lie about it, but they tried to make it a case of homophobia.

Father Geoff said...

Dear Joe,

You are correct that the gay couple on the cruise were having sex on the balcony of their stateroom. That story broke after the production and publication of the interview.

There were actually three stories in the related incidents. First, the obvious story you allude to. Second, the fact that the authorities in Dominica initially intended to prosecute the couple with “Anti-Buggery Laws” still in their legal code from the time Dominica was a British colony. They opted not to pursue an Anti-Buggery prosecution, due to the length of prosecution. Had they done so, the couple in question would have faced a possible fourteen-year sentence.

On that last point, facing fourteen years in prison in a foreign country would probably scare many people into lying.

The third story, is the fact that such laws are still on the books and enforceable. That is homophobia.

Joe said...

Father Geoff,

I absolutely agree that Dominica's laws re: same-sex relations are draconian & homophobic.

The point I was trying to make was that the gay couple exercised very poor judgment in having sex while the ship was docked or in the process of being docked, and on the side of the ship facing the dock no less.

Father Geoff said...

Dear Joe,

I agree with you assessment. If it had been a straight couple at Club Med, or Sandals, who engaged in similar behavior, they may have been arrested and initially, fined and expelled from the country. May have been, being the operative phrase.

The straight couple would have not faced a possible 14-year prison sentence because of the type of sex they were publically engaging and that is the very significant (and overlooked) difference.