Friday, June 24, 2011



New York state senators Friday night voted 33-29 to legalize gay marriage, a breakthrough victory for the gay-rights movement in the state where it got its start.

The adoption of gay marriage makes New York the sixth and largest state in which gays and lesbians can legally marry. It also marks the first time in the nation that a Republican-led chamber has voted to adopt gay marriage.

Clearly, this is HUGE! Within a year, the Ninth Circuit Court will most probably uphold Judge Walker’s decision to overturn Prop 8 in California. The certification of the repeal of the odious DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) is expected this fall. Obama’s decision not to defend DOMA (the so called “Defense Of Marriage Act”) will probably cinch the Court’s decision declaring that unjust law unconstitutional. That in turn will usher in full federal rights for Same-sex couples and effectively make Marriage Equality the law of the land.

So, pop open a bottle of Champaign and raise a toast to Maggie Gallagher’s new job search and the defeat of NOM (and its puppet masters in the Mormon & Catholic leadership).


Joe said...

Father Geoff,

Just a quick correction: Judge Walker's ruling is being appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Walker was a judge in the federal District Court of the Northern District of CA.

But great news! And apparently, the referendum process in NY is a difficult one!

I think Dolan will explode.

Father Geoff said...

Dear Joe,

Thanks for the heads-up, I was speaking on the phone as I typed out this piece. What a wonderful and happy turn of events!!!

As far as Dolan's explosion, why am I thinking about the Hindenburg?



Tal said...

Well there goes the red hat! Poor Dolan. Martyrdom just isn't what it used to be.

My sincere prayers that this causes other dominoes to fall. As someone living in the South, it's time for this fight to begin working its way below the Mason-Dixon.

Father Geoff said...

Dear Tal,

On a visit by the late John Paul II to New York City, he said to then Cardinal O’Connor, “You are the Archbishop of the Capital of the World.” Yesterday’s enactment of Marriage Equality by the Republican led senate of New York state is the equivalent of Waterloo, or Stalingrad in our war against discrimination.

I think that the courts will reinstate Marriage Equality in California within one year. The certification of the repeal of DADT will have a national impact as a culture changer and move forward full equality for our community. People forget the role that Truman’s desegregation of the Armed Forces had in changing national social attitudes on racial equality.

Courts have already declared DOMA unconstitutional and Obama has instructed the Department of Justice NOT to appeal that ruling.

Any one of these events would be a serious wound to NOM, which is a Pac of the religious right, but in combination, these constitute a mortal wound to legally sanctioned discrimination in our nation. As this occurs, Marriage Equality will also be moved forward in France and other EU and Latin American nations. As John Paul II said, “What happens in the United States of America today happens everywhere else in ten years.” Even south of the Mason-Dixon line Tal.

So, savor the victory and let’s get back and fight harder!

Tal said...

AMEN! Great summary.

Glen in NYC said...

The passage of the Marriage Equality Act in NY is even more significant when you remember that the NYS Senate is a Republican controlled chamber. The Republican Speaker did not have to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. Even though Skelos himself voted "no," if he was really adamant about it he could have refused to bring the bill to the floor at all.

As for Dolan, there is a piece in the NYT today that cites how surprised the proponents of equality were by the poor/non existent opposition by the Church. Other than calling in to two radio shows in Albany and releasing the pro form opposition press release, Dolan did not lobby against this at all.

I wonder what's up?

Michael Dodd said...

"We strongly uphold the Catholic Church's clear teaching that we always treat our homosexual brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love," the bishops said in their statement following the vote.

Seriously? And on what planet?

Anonymous said...

Where do we go from here? I believe the opponents of mariage equality will force a new ballot initiative to repeal this new legislation. The monies will be coming from the USCCB and the Supreme Council of The Knights of Colombus. Our energies need to focus on their plan and their monies

Renshaw said...

The monies will also come from the Mormon Church. While the Catholic and Mormon churches really do not like each other (putting it mildly!), e.g. Mormon baptism is not considered a valid baptism by Catholicism, they will have no problem joining forces and pumping millions of dollars into defeating this law by ballot initiative. One can only hope that the LGBT community can get the message out as clearly as possible that discrimination against one group is discrimination against all! I fear that what happened in California will be repeated here in New York. Work has been well underway even before last Friday to put this on the ballet in 2012.