Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Father Geoff at Hollywood United Methodist

Father Geoff is up in Sacramento today lobbying the California State Assembly in conjunction with Equity California, but you can read all about his trip back to the pulpit at Hollywood United Methodist Church last Sunday by checking out the World O' Jeff.

See you there!


richardmh said...

thanks for going to the Methodist Church on Sunday, I am glad I was able to hear you during the services. It was nice to hear another pespectve on the Lord's prayer.I am sorry i had to miss the discussion after the services. It was nice to experience a different church. I still haven't been able to go back to my Catholic Church since the father gave the sermon about supporting Prop 8. I will be with family tonight at a rosary for a cousin's grandfather, I like praying with other people and being a part of a commnunity, I will decide when and where I will attend Mass again. I am just waiting for when it feels right for me.

KJ said...

Pleased to see you out and about!